A serial killer is on a rampage. Somehow he is tied to a poor, recovering leukemia patient through dreams. Matt, the recovering guy sees the brutal killings in nightmares and actually feels guilty.
Police are called in and Matt’s DNA is linked to the crimes.
How will he ever prove his innocence and catch the real killer?

Points to Murder will send you on a non-stop adventure into and out of the most terrifying nightmares of rape and murder in search for a serial killer. Lucky for Matt Wheeler, his leukemia is finally in remission, but after five years he’s still weak, has vision problems and difficulty concentrating. Most puzzling are the nightmares he’s experiencing of murdering and raping young women. He often wakes in a sweat believing he’s actually committed these atrocities. He’s also sleepwalking at all hours of the night. Matt finally confesses to his wife of a dream he had murdering a young girl on a golf course.

The whole family becomes involved and they decide the best way to prove the nightmare false is to tell the county sheriff. After all, dreams are just dreams. The police investigate and discover, indeed a murder had occurred, exactly as Matt told it. The district attorney takes a sample of Matt’s DNA and surprisingly, it’s a match to the samples found at the crime scene. He’s charged with murder and accused of being involved in other murders, as well. The DA is barking up the wrong tree. Matt’s family and friends know better – there’s a serial killer loose and Matt is about to be blamed for the crimes. Their search takes them across three states as they hunt for the real killer. How can Matt’s dreams echo the attacks of the serial killer? Is the DA right about Matt? Will they find a real killer before Matt is tried and convicted?