Hi, we’re Edward and Anne Charles, a husband-wife team who love writing mystery novels together. We’re semi-retired and live in a small desert town close to Tombstone, Arizona. If you’re ever out this way, please email us and if possible, we’ll meet you at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon for a cold drink! Anne and I were high school sweethearts who lost track of each other for over forty years and through Facebook re-connected. Today we consider ourselves newlyweds loving life together. After we eloped in 2010 (much to the surprise of our combined six adult children) we began writing novels together. Prior to our creator God getting us back together, I, Edward, wrote Christian music and performed part-time in a religious rock band (bass & keyboard). Anne, on the other hand, wrote poetry, and early-on had some works published. Together, we found our creative outlet in writing mystery and suspense novels. You will find that all our novels are very pro-American and very supportive of our military. We honor our troops and support them unconditionally. We are sticklers when it comes to history, and when we delve into the past in our novels, it is almost always historically correct information we write about. Of course, as mystery and suspense writers and not historians, we sometimes insert a little twist in history to further the plot.

We answer all our emails. Please feel free to contact us at, or through the form below. We answer all our emails personally.

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