The following CONNECTION SERIES novels are a trilogy
of fast-paced action, mystery and adventure.

Book one: The Imperial Connection. Smugglers

Recently retired Air Force Intel officer Mike Foley discovers the guy who took a bullet for him in the head during the Gulf War is now living in the small desert town of Imperial, California. The scars of war have left him homeless and barely capable of caring for himself on the streets. Mike owes him. No man left behind rings in his ears. Foley leaves Chicago to find him. After arriving in Imperial he runs into a local, and very beautiful woman named Alexandria, or Andy. She’s a downtown shop owner and works part-time helping the homeless in her community. Andy identifies the photo Mike shows her as the person she knows as “Homeless Rick.” With her help, Mike locates Rick. They make plans to get him off the streets and back to his parents for the proper care and rehab he needs. To their surprise, the next morning Homeless Rick is found dead, drowned in one of the many irrigation canals that criss-cross the Imperial Valley.

Mike and Andy, convinced Rick was murdered, start nosing around and discover Rick innocently got mixed up in a large Chinese Mafia smuggling operation working out of Mexicali, Mexico who are illegally bringing goods into California. When the mafia catches wind of their invasive inquiries, they wind up being chased over sand dunes, through mountain ranges and into Orange County. As the suspense rises so does the love affair between Mike and Andy. Staying just one step ahead of death, they spend each night as if it was their last. While trying to unravel the mystery, Mike contacts his old buddies at the FBI and CIA and convinces them to get involved.

There's hi-tech warfare, mystery and suspense, a love affair and crooked politicians who are involved in a payoff scheme. The story takes place in California's Imperial Valley where sand dunes, desert, border patrol, a major naval base and two of California's largest prisons, are all tucked together to make a perfect backdrop for this novel.

The Imperial Connection is the first in the series of three novels. The next two novels follow in progression, but any one novel may be read individually without taking away from the mystery and suspense of the novel. For those who enjoy character development, however, we suggest following the progression of the trilogy

Book Two: Well Bred Connections. Child Abduction

When honeymooners Mike and his beautiful bride, Andy, learn of a rash of child abductions, they are innocently swept into one of the desert’s most darkest secrets.

Mike and Andy start their new life together touring the southwest in a newly purchased motor home. To their surprise, while staying at a campsite in San Antonio, a lost dog with the name tag Ninja adopts them. That evening, while washing clothes at the campsite coin-op laundry, Andy discovers, tacked to the bulletin board, a two year old poster of a missing teen named Jessica Leeds. Somehow mesmerized by the poster, Andy removes it, folds it and tucks it in her back jeans pocket for future reference. Soon after returning home to Imperial, California, nightmares about the girl begin and intensify. Certain that Jessica is still alive, Andy finally convinces Mike to use his past Air Force covert-ops skills to do a little research. When they uncover a sudden increase in missing child cases at a chain of regional campgrounds, it becomes apparent that these are more than isolated incidents. Andy is convinced children are being taken from their parents while camping.

Mike convinces his old Air Force intelligence officer friend, Vince, to get involved. Mike, Andy and Vince start their own investigation utilizing as much of their past covert ops contacts as “informally” possible. Much to their surprise they discover the Chicago Mafia is involved in a large, illegal baby laundering scheme.

One afternoon, Mike, Andy and their new dog Ninja are off to Costco for some shopping. Before reaching the parking lot Ninja goes crazy, jumps over Mike who’s sitting in the passenger’s side of their pickup truck and jumps out the window. He takes off to a group of trees planted next to a Walmart. What they find astonishes them. Ninja, the faithful one, is licking the face of a young homeless girl, who is seated next to her shopping cart and leaning against a tree. When they arrive on the scene the only word Andy can hear uttered from the girl is Ninja! Ninja! Andy knows, the dog found his master, Jessica. Andy and Mike bring the traumatized girl home. As she slowly recovers, Jessica reveals the story of her abduction, ensuing captivity, and ultimate escape. Her account leads Mike and Andy down a twisting desert road toward the darkest of destinations.

Well Bred Connection is the second in the series of three novels. It can be read individually without taking away from the mystery and suspense of the novel. For those who enjoy character development, however, we suggest following the progression of the trilogy from book one through book three.

Book Three: Hidden Connections. Isis terrorist cells secretly penetrate into the US

Who and what is really being smuggled into the US from Mexico? Are jihadists and suicide bombers among the gardeners, dish washers, and day laborers Americans hire to do their menial jobs?

Our heroes, Mike and Andy on a trip to Arizona discover wide open, unsecure areas of the border that are allowing half a million aliens to sneak into the US each year. They are appalled. Upon returning home, with the help of others, creatively invent a foolproof device that deters aliens from sneaking into the United States. With their new, high-tech, yet harmless weapon, they return to Arizona to recruit and develop a volunteer group called the Guardians to assist the border patrol. The Guardians rely on help from the wounded warriors to watch over the many miles of desolate rural border areas of Arizona, in an attempt to seal it once and for all. This new ‘weapon’ designed by Mike and Andy is employed and the Guardians are able to report every smuggler to the border patrol. Soon, the entire Arizona border is made secure. No one can cross illegally.

But no one thought about the question – What would happen when the drug lords, smugglers, radical Islamists and who knows else are prevented from sneaking into the US? Once the border is secured, ugly politics emerge between the federal government and Arizona concerning states rights. The president is trapped between national and international politics, while Mike and Andy’s lives are thrust into peril.

Luckily, a modern day Wyatt Earp emerges to help Mike and Andy and the Guardians eradicate injustice, not only in Tombstone, Arizona, but across the entire border. There ensue lots of gunfights, car chases and dangerous cells of radical Islamists that are uncovered and need to be eradicated. Will their courageous efforts save the US from an attack worse than 9-11?

Hidden Connections is the third and last novel in the series. It can be read individually without taking away from the mystery and suspense of the novel. For those who enjoy character development, however, we suggest following the progression of the trilogy from book one through book three.