A new country is formed between the United States and Mexico.

Mexican citizens in northern Mexico are outraged with the crimes being made against them by drug cartels and warlords. They decide to fight back. Internal vigilante groups are formed and a charismatic leader emerges, one who the people call the new Pancho Villa. He solicits the help of concerned US citizens and soon a militia of retired war heroes from past conflicts is formed, many who are wounded warriors.

These dedicated people are convinced that this cancer of evil must be cut out and replaced with something new. They know neither Mexico nor the US can effectively deal with the problem. With the right amount of financing and private US support will it be enough to rid the area of the crooks, drug dealers and smugglers? What happens if this group takes over northern Mexico? Is it possible to form a new, free independent country between the US and Mexico? Many think so, others do not.

Broken Gate is a novel of suspense and intrigue that delves into the what-if of a new, United Free Mexico.

"...cancer symbolizes the disease of civilization, the endpoint of the wrong path, the necessity to change course radically, to start completely over from scratch."
- Arthur Miller, "The Tropic of Cancer"