What people are saying about Edward and Anne Charles

June Mackie

Wonderful plot. Extremely informative on social and world issues

Suspenseful and romantic. Wonderful plot. Extremely informative on social and world issues. I am a new fan of Edward Charles.

John S

I wish this were happening while I read the book. Fast, Furious and full of hope.

I had reviewed and rated this book when I finished reading it. I found it full of action and a message of hope mixed with an action packed story of people in search of freedom and opportunity. The Characters are real life, the action fast and the story just grabe you and won't let go. I am a huge fan of of the Charles's.

Ken Swart

Awesome read

As a truck driver, I've driving thru Imperial valley. The author was spot on with the locations. It added a sense of realization


Fascinating Story

This was an awesome book. It is a great thriller with a good romance budding, the jokes were pretty darn grand as well, and some real life truth. PTSD is a real life problem for many of our vets w/o put their lives and their families lives on hold to go abroad And fight to keep US freedoms. THANK YOU VETERANS AND YOUR FAMILIES, WE WILL NEVER FORGET. Corruption in our government is also bigger than you can imagine and needs to be brought out in the open and handled much like in this story.


Andy and Mike’s Diamond Adventure

I had no idea what this book was about other than what was on the covers. I sometimes think the fates play a role in our lives. This book was one of those surprises that appear around the corner. Once I started reading I became hard to live with until I finished the book. The authors developed two story lines and both storylines keep you waiting for what was going to develop on the next page. I also was pleased to see how they snuck in the plight of our homeless veterans in a touching character Homeless Rick. The main storyline is truly a mysteries and addresses how and who were smuggling Blood Diamonds into the USA market. The identified characters all were fully developed and without those characters, you would not find the story complete. I would strongly recommend the book to anyone who might like a “Romantic-Mystery.” If you are not sure you would like this type of book, only I and others that have enjoyed the author’s story telling will understand what you have missed.

Claudette Valliere

Fast paced and pretty darned good

This story starts with Major Mike Foley, USAF (Ret). Mike lives in Chicago. Mike came home because his Mom passed away and he needs to be there for his Dad. Mike loves his Father, a retired Chicago cop. His wifes death hit him hard and Mike worries about him big time.. Mike put 20 years in the Air Force as an intelligence officer. He served in the Second Gulf war and was down and dirty, right in the fighting in his quest for intelligence. Mike is no stranger to killing and trying to not get killed. He has an analytical mind thats a magnet for intelligence. He was very, very good at his job. The CIA has been recruiting him since he retired. Foley isn't ready to go down that road yet. Mike had just come home from a night out with Dad when he got an e-mail from his pal Vince. Vince is also an intelligence officer and a very good friend and he's still in the AF. What he sends Mike is a newpaper article on Homeless Rick. After reading the article and looking at the picture Mike is reminded of Sgt. Ricci. A guy who saved his life. A guy who took a serious head injury while saving Mike's life. Sgt. Ricci was never the same. He had severe head trauma and was sent home to his parents. He's was there for a while and just disappeared. Ricci's parents are very worried and glad when Mike calls with a line on their son. Mike lets them know he will call them when he meets with Homeless Rick. So begins one pretty good read. Foley is headed for Cali to see if this is indeed Sgt. Ricci. He runs into a stunning woman, murder, an international conspiracy, old friends and some very heavy enemies. Great read. Five stars.